Longing free 2012/2013

Längtar fri 2012/2013

He awoke to the early birds’ early morning song. Even though the sun had not turned up, it was still bright enough to see. He lifted off the protective vegetation and rose.

Of pure instinct and with full concentration, he listened to his surroundings and stated that there was no indication that there was human life in his vicinity. He breathed out and disguised himself with the dry earth, the barren and the insects he spent the night with while his thoughts were back in the past.

If they could in any way prevent the development, they could have lived in a different way, they could have influenced, why had they not loved enough and why had they not given priority to life and love ?. He did not find any real answers, but sadness and a strong inner longing struck at the moment he left the edge of the forest and was dazzled by the yellow sand and the fresh scent of the sea.

He took courage and stepped into the chilled water to let the waves wash away the night and there he met the first glance of the sun with his eyes closed and gently stroking. The memories returned with full force and they stacked like needles in his fragile heart. The lack was intrusive, painful and so strong that he no longer breathed for real. Then he felt his life again. So obviously, beautiful and pervasive that the bitter cold and the constant darkness left him in peace for a while.

Heat took over and life quickly turned into a meadow filled with the most beautiful flowers. Contours of face, body and smile grew ever stronger and suddenly everything was as before again. He was filled with joy of life and without thought he drew a deep breath and just hovered.

When he looked into the familiar, understanding eyes and closed his arms around, he was filled with natural love, an inner life that always means beautiful. Longs free.

Longing free… where natural love and inner life always means beautiful (2012/2013).