Where future is decided 2014

Där framtid avgörs 2014

The moment he is ready to relax, give in, suddenly the most important bee glances. Slowly by calm drifting forward in fog over mirror-shiny but lonely surface.

Quiet embrace and almost magical love. Eyes get stuck, heart beat, sparkle and everything without meaning around the natural and self-evident. He no longer knows real, just lets thoughts go and stay still where memory still lives. Hover between despair and longing.

He lovingly leans forward nervously to kiss but in moments he feels breath warm, she disappears naturally, wonderful and alive again. Alone, extradited, and abandoned, darkness quickly takes over and he drops down powerless under cold and lonely surface.

Further down, after a while, he suddenly looks ready, wakes up and realizes that it is no longer meaningful to seek late. Instead of knowledge, development, and amazingly sustainable together, stubborn power, studied, sustained difference, contradiction that already creates pure destruction for all living life.

Imagine if more people woke up earlier, dared to stand up, thought instead of me and demanded the necessary change ?. Aning wise over insight, he steps into the forest edge and feels strong that it is time to change life, mindset, see. Most important yet to challenge fear that constantly gnaws inside but above all to only live love ……